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What is EPDM Membrane?

EPDM membrane is a single-layer synthetic rubber cover consisting of ethylene-propylene-diene rubber and carbon black oils, curing and production auxiliary additives. It is produced by the calendering method in rolls and by vulcanizing. The most distinctive feature of rubber products, EPDM rubber between compared to others, even in high heat, elasticity , tensile strength and tensile bending they keep; different weather conditions, the sun's rays and ozone ; is that it is resistant to acids and solvents.

EPDM Membrane provides a highly effective waterproofing solution for the foundation and side curtain insulation of structures, roofs with terrace and dome structures, Curtain walls, Pond floor, all landscape and garden ponds and treatment plants. October-term strength due to the joints applied with a hot air welding machine provides the possibility of quick and easy application.

EPDM Membrane is environmentally friendly. EPDM Membrane is a product that does not have a negative impact on the environment, does not harm the environment both by production and use process.
It shows superior resistance to variable weather conditions and has a very long service life.
It provides High Flexibility and Elongation ability
EPDM Membrane is maintenance-free and durable;
Flat roof insulation with EPDM membrane application has been applied very successfully all over the world for 30 years. as a result of tests with samples taken from these structures, which were applied EPDM Membrane 30 years ago, it was found that the required values were reached in the European material norm (DIN 7864). Considering the values obtained as a result of the tests performed, it has been accepted that the material used can perform the same task for another 30 years.

Application of EPDM Geommebran on the Roof and Terrace:
In general, there are two options for roof and terrace insulation applications. EPDM GEOMEMBRANE is applied by combining the strips on the roof or terrace or as a panel, in the dimensions of the area to be insulated, in the form of laying pre-assembled / prepared EPDM GEOMEMBRANE. In both options, EPDM Membrane strips are glued together, resulting in an excellent seal.
EPDM membranes are produced and marketed in Black colors, with and without equipment, in coils in the thickness range of 1 mm to 2.5 mm and in different widths and lengths. DECEMBERDM membranes are manufactured and marketed in black colors, with and without equipment.

product specifications
It is recyclable and therefore does not harm the environment
►withstands temperatures of -40,+140 degrees
►October joints are joined with welding robots that perform double-channel stitching
►Impact resistance is good.
►Prevents corrosion, resistant to aging
►It has a long service life.(min. 40 years)
►It is covered by class e in combustion.
►It has high tensile and elongation strength. It is a very flexible material
►It is resistant to ozone, acid and solutions.
►They are resistant to UV rays.
► Maintaining its elasticity at low temperatures, resistance to heat shocks up to 250°C,
►High resistance to acid rain.


It is combined with fusion welding (double-seam test cavity welding) system, can be used to assemble any chemical, adhesive, tape, etc. because the material is welded by melting itself with direct heat without using it, the welding places are very strong. 6-10 cm with the technique of free laying. It is laid by giving a riding allowance.Bini places should be cleaned with a dry cloth. According to the requirements of the application, it is fixed with printing profiles at the end places.(detailed information is available in the application data sheets.)

AIR TEST: It is applied only in areas made with robots that are double welded. Both ends of the pressure channel are closed with adjustable pliers so that air does not leak out. Then the pressure is 30 cm from the press of the duct. it is carefully placed forward. Then an air pressure of 1.5-2 bar is applied to the pressure dec. And the pump is removed. Wait about 2 minutes. if there is no pressure loss of more than 20%, the suture test will result in a positive result.If it is too much, the hole and seam are checked and re-tested.

The rolls should be stored horizontally with a maximum of 6 rows in a row so that the weight decreases on each floor, they should be kept in their original package, rain, mud, etc. it should be protected from factors, kept flat or, if possible, on a pallet.




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